Energy Law Wisconsin
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About Us

Energy Law Wisconsin is a law practice dedicated to providing utilities, businesses, governmental organizations, non-profits and individuals the legal support they need to make and implement sound energy-related decisions.

How We Can Help

The world economy is in the midst of an energy transition that is unprecedented in size, scope and speed. This transition is taking place against a complex backdrop of changing governmental policies, increasing energy demands, price increases, environmental and resource concerns and rapid technological developments.

Energy Law Wisconsin brings more than just relevant legal experience to the table. Its legal judgement is informed by an understanding of industry trends, familiarity with relevant technologies and relationships with many of the leaders of the rapidly accelerating energy transition.

Additional Expertise

Energy Law Wisconsin also has more than a quarter century's experience addressing the business and real estate needs of businesses, organizations and individuals. Additional areas of expertise include commercial real estate transactions, stock and asset purchases, business formation and financing and equipment and service contracts.