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Idle Free Systems Announces Electric APU Pairing with Volvo

Energy Law Wisconsin feels a little like a proud parent (or at least, uncle) when an early stage company that we represented appears in the news. Idle Free Systems, Inc. is a company passionate about clean-running trucks that we have known since the days it was a hard-working truck driver with little more than a patent and a big dream. The company recently announced another milestone of success: New Volvo sleeper trucks now have the option to add on Idle Free Systems’ electric APU. This is big news because it adds Volvo to Mack Trucks and the growing list of Idle Free distributors who have tested the Idle Free APU and like what they see.

Customers can purchase the Idle Free APU system directly from any Volvo dealer and it will be integrated with the truck. The APU system,  running on alternating current, can create heat and air conditioning without relying on the truck’s starter batteries, and the truck does not need a  separate bunk air heater, an electric block heater or a factory inverter. The Idle Free APUs are available through the Volvo New Vehicle Option Center in Dublin, Virginia or directly from your nearest Volvo sleeper truck dealer. For more information, check out this green Wisconsin innovator at

Written on March 14, 2012 at 10:21 am, by Energy Law Wisconsin