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In Honor of President’s Day…

In belated honor of President’s Day, we offer you a quiz to test your presidential (and vice presidential) energy IQ by posing a few trivia questions. These questions ask which Presidents/Vice Presidents made notable statements about energy issues or signed into law legislation or made decisions that have garnered considerable interest in the media.

1. Solyndra. The loan to Solyndra, solar PV manufacturer, was made under a legislative program that:

a. Was signed into law by President Obama, with the interim and final decisions made by officials in the Obama Administration.

b. Was signed into law by President George W. Bush, with Solyndra’s loan application rejected by Bush Administration officials, than resurrected from the reject pile and approved by Obama Administration officials.

c. Was signed into law under President George W. Bush, conditionally approved by Bush Administration officials, with the final decision made by Obama Administration officials.

2. Global Warming.  What Vice Presidential Candidate made the following statement during the Vice Presidential Debate: “The Greenhouse Effect is an important environmental issue. … we need to get on with it and … you can be sure we will.”

a. Dan Quayle (Bush Administration)

b. Lloyd Bentsen (Dukakis Administration)

c. George H.W. Bush (Reagan Administration)

d. Al Gore (Clinton Administration)

3. Goodbye Incandescent Bulbs!  Which president signed into law the legislation that has raised energy efficiency standards and has effectively removed the heat-generating incandescent bulb from the shelves of stores?

a. Bill Clinton

b. George W. Bush

c. Barack Obama

d. George H.W. Bush


ANSWERS:  1.c; 2.a.; 3.b.


Apart from honoring President’s Day belatedly, what is the point of this quiz? Simply, to offer a friendly reminder that energy and energy efficiency policy is a long-term process, with progress milestones and positions not necessarily tied to political stereotypes, or even remotely related to the spin the political commentators subsequently put upon them.


Written on February 26, 2014 at 2:59 pm, by Energy Law Wisconsin