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Janesville Gazette Profiles ELW Client Jim Erickson

At Energy Law Wisconsin, we enjoy what we do, but there are some clients in particular who make it fun. Jim Erickson of Antech Properties LLC is one of them. Erickson, 83 years young, decided last year to install a solar energy system on his commercial office building in the Janesville, Wisconsin area. Why? Because it was smart, a good fit and last but not least, fun.


Energy Law Wisconsin appreciates the opportunity to have been of service to Mr. Erickson in this endeavor. In a recent article for the Janesville Gazette, Erickson was profiled about his property and the successful savings he is having with it. The building is included in the 2011 Wisconsin Solar Tour event, occurring on Saturday, October 1.

Written on September 26, 2011 at 2:42 pm, by Michael Allen