Energy Law Wisconsin
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Other Experience

Energy Law Wisconsin's owner, Michael Allen, has other relevant experience that assists clients in achieving their energy project goals. This experience includes:

Local Governmental Experience
Michael served as the City Attorney for the City of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin from 1996 through 2000 and counseled the City in a wide variety of utility and other matters from 1992 through 2003. He is familiar with the Open Meetings and Open Records Laws and intimately understands the process by which local governments make decisions. This experience is useful to clients who wish to site new energy projects and need to obtain local approvals.

Real Estate, Construction, Financing and Contracts Experience
Michael has represented clients in hundreds of real estate, construction and finance transactions and other contract matters, including raw and developed land purchases, leases, construction contracts, loans and services contracts. This experience is valuable to clients who need to appropriately allocate and document risks and responsibilities inherent in their energy development projects.

Business Management Experience
Michael is an entrepreneur and has operated his law practice as a profit-making enterprise since its inception on January 1, 2004. Prior to founding Energy Law Wisconsin, Michael spent a decade as a partner in a large Madison, Wisconsin law firm. During his tenure as partner, his responsibilities included service as the firm's equivalent of the CEO, CFO and COO positions. Michael's broad range of business experience enables him to understand not merely the legal needs of Energy Law Wisconsin's clients, but also their business needs. He knows well from personal experience the risks they take and challenges they face on a daily basis.